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Please be aware that the latest version of Flash ( does resolve a major 0-day security vulnerability which is outlined here and reverting its affects can put you and your organizations at risk.

- For those wanting to disable the auto-update feature of Chrome, you can do so by changing the following HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Google\Update\Auto Update Check Period Minutes to 0. - Adobe has just published a new beta build of Flash which includes both the security fix as well as the fix resolving the v Sphere Web Client as well as other VMware-based products that rely on Flash (e.g. Depending on the platform, you may need to un-install the previous version of Flash and make sure you restart your browser.

I had seen this message plenty of times in the past and usually restarting Chrome would resolve the problem but this time it looked to be persistent even after a system reboot.

I took to Twitter to see if I was the only one hitting this issue since I was not able to find anything on the web and literally in minutes, I had several dozen replies with folks experiencing the same issue which apparently started several days ago but like most, including myself, thought it was an isolated event.

- It looks like you can also simply replace the new pepperflash DLL with an older version and placing it within the folder (in case Chrome tries to update it).

If you are looking for a working Windows DLL, it looks like one has been posted on one of the Chrome Issues thread here.

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This site is maintained for my personal homage to my favourite product.For Windows, the path is %Local App Data%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Pepper Flash For mac OS, the path is ~/Library/Application\ Support/Google/Chrome/Pepper Flash On my Windows system, I found that I only had the latest version of Flash.However, this system does have other user accounts and quickly going through another account, I found that it had an older version of Flash which I was able to copy pepperflash DLL to the directory and then restart Chrome and the v Sphere Web Client worked again!This site covers the Director learning process for beginners to advanced users.Adobe announced (Jan 2017) that they will no longer be selling Director and support of Shockwave will be limited (The Future of Adobe Contribute, Director and Shockwave).

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