Marriage and dating statistics in jamaica

In this form the name gradually spread across the entire country, although being originally a foreign name it never achieved the same popularity as it achieved in France. The answer to this question lies in their distribution.

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The American explorer Meriwether Lewis (1774—1809) led the great overland journey to the Pacific coast, thus opening up the north-west to a flood of settlers.

Owing to its popularity in Britain and France-two of Europe’s major colonising nations-the name Lewis (or Louis) has spread around the globe.

Over the centuries it has been particularly popular in the United States.

Despite encounters with grizzly bears, Indians, rattlesnakes and near-starvation Lewis’s only brush with death came when a hunting companion mistook him for an elk and shot him in the leg.

As a reward for his explorations he was appointed the first governor of Louisiana but died soon after in mysterious circumstances.

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