Did robert pattinson dating megan fox

He totally blew her off." Pattinson's cold shoulder may be the reason behind Fox's not-so-nice jab at the "Twilight" cutie in "Elle" magazine.

Making no secret about her love for older guys, the brunette beauty tells ELLE magazine’s June 2009 issue she is not into ladies’ men Robert Pattinson and Zac Efron because they are “too pretty” and “immature”.

Could Robert Pattinson be the reason for Megan Fox's newly single status?

The "Transformers" hottie has split from fiancé Brian Austin Green, a close pal of Fox has confirmed.

So what really went down with Meg and Robert Pattinson back in the day? "But nothing ever went further than one night they were together. never followed up with the Fox-y babe again and true, though."[Megan] has literally met Rob twice.

He totally blew her off." Holy horniness overload, our heads are exploding! Fear not, Robsten lovers, supposedly this was all before Kristen Stewart wised up and finally picked Rob over the boyfriend. She went to coffee with Shia [La Beouf] the other day, so they must be hooking up too, right?

Rumours that the 'Transformers" star was involved with the 22 year old started making rounds after the pair was spotted at a Hollywood hotspot together in March (09). He totally blew her off." Read: 4 Ways To Avoid The Regrettable Hook-Up By definition, Pattinson was a rebound, so if anyone is doing the blow off, it for sure had to be Megan Fox.No one in their right mind blows off a brunette bombshell who "has the libido of a 15-year-old boy." "My sex drive is so high."Robert Pattinson and Zac — they're just too pretty with the big hair and the suits. I feel like I have a better shot with someone in his thirties." But Fox's rep denies the claims: "[Megan] has literally met Rob twice.She went to coffee with Shia [La Beouf] the other day, so they must be hooking up too, right?

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