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Lissa Reed brings a fearless style of honesty to posts like “Are We Too Eager? ” This relatively new blog has made a big impact quickly through deeply personal content from a very funny host.

Social Clout: 51 Google followers, 26 likes URL: Bragging Rights: how NYC guys are making us cynical These two gals have found a clear cause for their blog’s cynicism: the men of New York City.

This unique spot is broken down into a mosaic of images, thoughts and essays on love in the 21st century.

Topics like “I Don’t Want to Get Married” and “People Saw My Boobs.

Die Kopfnoten sind Muskat und Zimt; Die Herznoten sind Sandelholz, Guajakholz, Virginiazeder und Papyrus; Die Basisnoten sind Moschus, französisches Ladanharz, Vanille, Kumarin und Tabakblüte.Posts are funny and relevant, including “All My Exes Live in Texts: Why the Social Media Generation Never Really Breaks Up,” and “It’s Not Supposed to Be This Hard.” The content is tightly written with just the right amount of bitter flavor.URL: Bragging Rights: she likes complaining and cheese Sexless and Cynical is home for Meri’s writing and artwork, all based around finding love and happiness despite it’s potential unlikeliness.Benutzerbewertungen Golden Powder von The House of Oud vertreten ausschließlich Ansichten der Autoren und spiegeln nicht die Ansichten von Fragrantica wider.Let’s face it – we can all be a little cynical every now and then, but sometimes it’s fun to let those emotions out.

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