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The magician, charmer, or sorcerer casts a spell in order to curse, injure, harass, and bind (hence the term spellbound), or to bring to pass what he desires.Both humans and animals (as well as anything else from crops to marriage) may be charmed or have a spell cast over them in order to cure, harm, or protect, or to cause some other desired effect.Taboos may pertain to a wide variety of subjects, such as restrictions placed upon eating certain foods, climbing a certain sacred mountain, touching objects belonging to a tribal chief, violating magic ritual, a married woman appearing in public without a veil, failure to remove one's shoes before entering certain religious shrines or temples, killing a sacred animal, incest, opening an umbrella indoors, whistling on board ship, looking over someone's shoulder into a mirror, allowing a cat to enter a mine, a pregnant woman attending a funeral, stepping on a crack in the sidewalk, and so on.Satan is the ultimate source of all superstitions whether they are found in the remotest regions of Africa or come from the pages of the latest edition of an American almanac.

Lighting (3) cigarettes on the same match, or killing a cricket (a symbol of good luck) indoors will bring misfortune.Taboo signifies a prohibition placed upon some person, place, object, or action because it is sacred, unclean, or otherwise restricted for some reason, thereby making it untouchable, unmentionable, and so on.The taboo is enforced by social convention and tradition, or by superstition, whereby it is believed that the individual violating it will suffer illness, death, or some other misfortune.It is carried or worn in the belief that it will protect from evil, or bring good luck.It is used frequently as a shield against evil spirits or black magic, as well as protection from disease, adversity, or danger.

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