Dating a person with down syndrome

He's perfectly nice, apparently harmless, and she thinks he's sweet.

The method chosen will depend on personal preference, ability to use the contraceptive effectively and possible side effects.

The fact you making a big deal about it reveals how you really see a gal with down syndrome.

Follow 20 I'm betting the girl with Down Syndrome think's it wouldn't be wrong You might even be right to be concerned that your sister-in-law has some issues to work through.

Among individuals with down syndrome dating normal person disabilities there is also considerable ignorance about sexuality, learned helplessness, dependency, conditioned compliance, and isolation and loneliness, all characteristics that contribute to vulnerability.

Typically developing children under the age of five often have an undeveloped sense of modesty.

Contrary to the offensive ramblings of the Daily Mail, disabled people are just as "normal" as you or the next person define "normal"!

When your son masturbates in public areas of the home, use calm but clear messages. All these factors influence how intimacy needs are met.

'I would have no problem paying for Otto to go to Amsterdam to visit a brothel if that's what he wanted.

'A few of his friends suggested it a few months ago and since then I've talked to Otto about it in an adult way. I'm still waiting for her to call me back.' Miss Baxter would be 'delighted' if Otto brought a woman back to their house for sex. 'He's going to Las Vegas for a few days to promote himself as an actor so who knows, he might get lucky over there.

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