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I wish I could find the actual name of the artist or artists who creates the powerful and evocative imagery for their tarots.

In the mid 1990s an episode of the US cartoon series The Simpsons had a scene with a tarot reader.

The artwork is credited to Layla and is in the form of pen line drawings.

Each card depicts a scenario from a Hieronymus Bosch painting.

The set of large, intensely coloured cards is supplied in a substantial cardboard box, which surely is the best way to package tarot.

The imagery evokes the atmosphere of circus acts and the sideshows that surround a circus.

The previously obscure Lilith myth become popularised in the late 20th century as it resonated with the then emerging feminist critique of religion.I have never seen this show, nor would I want to, but it seems to have made sufficient impact to have inspired this tribute deck. On the third of November I drew attention to a number of decks inspired by the Alice in Wonderland theme.On Monday while adding Korean material to my database I found that I had another fine tarot on this theme.To contact Adam, email [email protected] here to join the Art Tarots emailing list. Click here to see the unpublished tarot designs page.The Legrande Circus and Sideshow Tarot was recently issued by US Games.

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