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"We always looked over the ocean to America for beauty ideals," she says."The Paris look of Juliette Gréco in the '60s was so intellectual. American beauty was so natural; there was a real culture of health and hygiene."That "natural" style is rooted in the anti-vanity of the Puritan heritage—nothing too showy, artificial, or contrived.See more All the Stars at New York Fashion Week: Men's Unveiled on Tuesday, the fall 2015 ads capture model Carolyn Murphy lying against a corner in a voluminous gown in one shot and posing next to a pink chair in a sleeveless black dress with slits in another.The campaign, photographed by David Sims in New York City, captures the elegance and confidence that define de la Renta's aesthetic.Apparently, just three weeks before filming, the model/actress got the call to fly to Namibia to film the new Mad Max reboot, MM: Fury Road.just started shooting, and producers have had to deal with a special "challenge" of their own.

The best teeth, the cleanest hair, and ease of movement—of sweat, sport, and hard work—are what make us beautiful, all symbols of a kind of reality and genuineness.

The second season of Project Runway All Stars just started shooting, and producers have had to deal with a special "challenge" of their own.

According to the Page Six, the latest installment of Lifetime's reality series began filming early last month and was slated to have Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as its new host--that is, until she dropped out at the very last minute.

And not everything's getting a shake-up: Georgina Chapman and Isaac Mizrahi will both return to the judges panel, and Joanna Coles is staying on as the designers' workroom mentor.

Rosie will reportedly still be popping into the designers will be returning for the new competition, we do know that the the producers have a habit of casting a few doozies for our viewing pleasure (Elisa and her spit methods, anyone?

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