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He said Mick Jagger has to dance and he waned to do that because of James Brown. He said that he thinks that Cameron Crow was following them around and made a chronicle of them. Howard said the record industry has changed a lot and it's really hard to sell an album. Howard played some songs and asked questions about each one. Andy said his show is on from 10 to noon and he records other shows. Howard said he loves Kevin Spacey but he was singing bullshit. Andy said he did get paranoid at the Howard Stern Birthday show red carpet.

Howard asked if he was told to move or does he just do his thing. He said that the structure of everything has gone right up its own rectum. Robert said that things are moving quickly and changing. Robert said he should have gotten this out of the way by appearing on the show 20 years ago. am Next up on today's vacation replay show they played the Andy Cohen interview from June. Howard said then Bette gets up and they play her off. He said he wants to be out of his mind but he can't do it. He said he stopped doing that after that experience.

Howard said he wrote those on a card for his wife and he did credit Robert for them. Howard asked if they planned the song the way it came out. Howard said that Lemon Song was a filthy song for the time. Robert said he thinks about it but not in this detail. He said that's the time to do it and you just hit it.

Howard said that was filth back then to have the juice running down your leg lyric. Howard asked if he gets frustrated when he's trying to do it and you can't get it.

He said Bonzo was really his brother and he loved him. Robert said he was a loose cannon but he was a good hearted man. Howard asked who decided which song should come out first. Howard asked if it was a big deal for him to win a Grammy or does he not care. Robert said he hasn't gotten other Grammys so it's about time he got one. Howard played another song, ''Bones of Saints,'' off his new album. Howard said the musicians must go out of their minds to play with him. He said he can get someone in there to blow him too.

Howard asked if he's fiercely anti drug and alcohol because of what it did to the band. Robert said they sit around with an Oujui board and ask for help. He said it's changed since ''I'm in the Mood...'' He said that it's not easy. He said they made some trippy stuff in the mid 2000s. Howard asked if he cared about getting into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Robert said he certainly wouldn't be doing this shit program. Robert said he was told they wouldn't talk like this on this program.

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Howard said he can't figure out how they chose that song to turn it into a Zeppelin song. He said the band wanted this guy Terry Reid to sing for them. He said he knows Robert is out traveling all the time. He said he's not even sure where they are right now. Howard said he thinks he told the crowd to stop but they didn't. Robert said if he wants to get anywhere he has to shut the fuck up. Andy said he announced he was going to Love Connection and he was filling the shoes of the great Chuck Wollery. He said then he saw that he hates Obama and things like that. He said one African American woman went out with her first white guy and she said it was surprisingly good. Howard said he thinks this could tell us about our society. He said people already think what they think about CNN with Trump and all of that. Robin asked what Andy thought about her apology with no make up. Howard said Beth rarely wears it and she looks beautiful to him. She said she doesn't watch any of the Housewives shows. He said his name was in the mix from what he heard.

Robert said he doesn't do drugs but he has tried some. Robert said he was in a car wreck in the 70s and he was in a wheelchair for 7 months. He said he didn't know anything about it until they started another record. Robert said they would just do it when they needed to. He said it was almost impossible to get it on college stations. Robert said he did because he got to play with Neil Young. He said he was better than Neil Young for that moment. Robert asked what it takes to get some coffee in there. Howard asked if he has to whip the musicians into shape for this album.

Howard said his wife was driving and he thought that he was dead at the time. He said he used to see Bonzo a lot in his free time. He said they only toured when the kids were in school. Howard said he has recorded a few songs that were really bad. Robert said they'd just meet in September and do it. He said they'd put it on and then find out who it is and stop playing it. Howard asked if Robert got to play with Jimi Hendrix and people like that.

"I've only really had relationships with women, but I'm certainly not closed to it.

If there are possibilities of being able to do anything in life, why would you say you would never take any up? During puberty, it's all about sex, and it's all about figuring yourself out.

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