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If only Keating had liked sport, he might have been able to reserve his adversarial tongue for the big game and then pursued consensus building in parliament, like Hawke.

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Australia II won the America’s Cup and businesses like Fosters took on the world, and succeeded. Like Whitlam, Fraser tried to portray himself as the leader of compassion.

His slogan of "Continuity and Change" was previously used by American sitcom as the writers said it embodied "the most meaningless election slogan we could think of." While targeting the apathetic voters helped Turnbull gain good figures in two-party preference polling, his neglect of the base resulted in a fracturing of his party as voters gravitated towards micro-parties who had left the fence to stand for something.

Furthermore, while the apathetic voters may be easy come, they are also easy go and may easily seek an alternative government once a PM's haircut starts looking boring.

VERDICT Turnbull had a stated position in favour of an Australian republic, a carbon trading scheme and gay marriage.

In return for his party making him PM, he agreed not to assert his favoured positions.

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