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Nice, But Nothing Special It didn’t help Syesha Mercado’s case tonight that I’ve never heard Billy Paul’s “Me and Mr(s).Jones.” This girl can really belt it out, but the song itself was a snoozer.Besides, Alex had a great deal more style and charisma last week.Not Feeling the ‘70s Love It pains me to name bookworm Amanda Overmyer in the bottom of the pack.

Friday Night Lights fans have launched a preemptive strike asking fellow viewers to send light bulbs to NBC to prevent cancellation.

Anyone else think her family looked like they were going to eat Ryan alive?

Jason was the only one of my picks to hit the road tonight. With a little moral support from the rest of the girls, she finally did sing and didn’t sound so bad considering how much she was crying.

Worst Dressed I know Idol isn’t a fashion show, but the thing I remember most about Alexandrea Lushington’s performance of “If You Leave Me Now” is that I couldn’t believe she was wearing shorts.

I agree with Randy that the song was a safe, boring choice.

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