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“Since July 2017, the Saudi Arabian government has been on an execution spree with an average of five people put to death per week.

This sets the country firmly on track to remain one of the most prolific executioners on the planet,” said Lynn Maalouf, Director of Research for Amnesty International in the Middle-East.

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The athlete, finished seventh in her preliminary heat yesterday, was one of two women to compete wearign a hijab yesterday.

Afghanistan’s Kamia Yousufi wore a full body suit as she came last in her race.

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We are also not responsible for the content available on these websites.Water and methanolic extracts at 100 μg/m L inhibited lipid peroxidation (LPO) by 50–67% and 58–82%, respectively.In anti-inflammatory assay using cyclooxygenase enzymes (COX-1 and -2), water and methanolic extracts at 100 μg/m L showed COX-1 enzyme inhibition by 26–36% and 33–41%, and COX-2 by 45–48% and 48–52%, respectively.Abuljadayel follows in the the footsteps of Sarah Attar, who became the first woman to compete for Saudi Arabia in 2012, also wearing a hijab.The middle eastern country’s Olympic committee lifted a ban on women competing in the Olympics before London.

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